Help East Kent Sudbury School

Life changing

East Kent Sudbury School is a not-for-profit company funded solely by our founders, tuition fees, and your donations. For many of our students and their families joining our community has been a life-changing experience:

“I feel like myself again and it’s as if I’d been holding my breath this whole time and now I can finally breathe again.” ~ student

“I love the fact that she is not stifled by demands on her time or segregated by perceived characteristics or behaviour.” ~ parent

“Their emotional health is a hundred times better than it was a year ago and they are excited and interested to be part of the democratic community…I don’t know where I or my kids would be without them.” ~ parent

Help us continue to thrive following the COVID-19 crisis

Like many organisations we have lost much of our income this year due to Covid-19. Help us to continue to support our families and thrive following the government lockdown by donating what you can today.

A regular donation supports us on a continuing basis and helps keep our fees low so that our project can be accessible to all the families that need it regardless of their socio-economic background.

Donate today!

There are many other ways you can support EKSS, find out more here.