Canterbury public meeting

Do you want more educational choices in your area? Are you looking for a school that embraces your child’s curiosity and imagination, freeing them to grow into the person they want to be?

Democratic education turns traditional ideas about schooling on its head.

We believe in giving children:

  • Freedom to direct their own learning
  • Responsibility for their decisions
  • Trust – we trust them and they trust themselves
  • Equality – equal rights and an equal say
  • Democracy – a school governed for and by itself

Come along to our public meeting to find out more about our vision for East Kent Sudbury School.

Please note that while children are welcome the session will be aimed more at parents, there will be other events in the future for the whole family to enjoy.

Having experienced varied educational styles growing up, Kezia, attended both mainstream schools and the world’s first democratic school, Summerhill in Leiston, Suffolk, an experience which left a lasting impact. Later on Kezia graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2003 in Fine Art going on to establish a career in digital design and marketing. Now mother to two daughters Kezia chose to stay home with her family and home educate her children before embarking on founding East Kent Sudbury School.

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