Support Us

The project to found a radical new Independent school is no easy task. The founding team are comprised entirely of volunteers who have dedicated considerable amounts of their time, skills and money to the project. There are lots of ways you can support our project and help us bring our vision to reality:

Join the founding team

If you’re passionate about seeing our school become a reality and want to help, contact us and ask about coming along to our fortnightly meetings to see how you can help.

Donate time

You don’t have to be a founding member to help. If you have useful skills such as marketing, accountancy, legal, fundraising or others contact us to see if there is something you can do.

Donate resources

Our new school will need all kinds of resources when we open, if you have spare furniture, computers, books or educational resources get in touch, we can help you clear space and store resources until opening day.

Donate money

We need help raising the initial seed-finance required to secure our building and open our school. Contact us to donate money to our cause today.