The role of staff

The role of staff members within the Sudbury model is very different to that of a traditional educational setting.  We do not look specifically for teachers, though staff may be called upon to teach, their primary purpose is quite different.  As adult members of the community staff act as role models to students, as examples of what it means to be a grownup, to be self-directed, to set a goal and work towards it and as models of responsible behaviour.  Our staff are also responsible for the work that it takes to keep our setting open and running smoothly, whilst students are free to take on management and administration roles they are not obliged to do so, staff have a duty to take on the remainder of the work.  And of course, staff also support students in their learning, this role can sometimes take the form of a teacher, but more often it will be that of a friend, facilitator or mentor.  As a result we seek to provide variety within our staff team, variety of interest, of background and of personality and whilst experienced teachers are welcome to apply, teaching experience is not a prerequisite for working in our setting.

Current staff

  • Kezia Cantwell-Wright
  • Kate Coleman
  • Jay Rechsteiner
  • Marc Denervaux
  • Rachel Jones
  • Joe Atkinson

How to apply

We invite expressions of interest from anyone seeking to work in our setting, though at the present time can only offer volunteer roles.  Anyone interested in applying to work with us as a volunteer staff member may download the role specification and apply according to the instructions.  There is no deadline, applications will be considered as and when we receive them and according to our needs at that point in time.

Role specification and application details