As an Independent organisation, East Kent Sudbury School will be financed by tuition fees.

The table below serves to give you an idea of what your can expect the total fee for your family to be and to help you make plans accordingly. However, it should be seen as a rough guide only, our fees will be finalised once we have secured a location for our school.

Please contact us, if you would like to be notified when we have a site and fees are confirmed.

When setting the fee structure for our school it was important to us that the school would be accessible to as many families as possible regardless of income or family size, we have therefore created a sliding-scale structure with additional discounts for siblings.

Annual Fee for Phase 1 - Part-Time

Household Income1st child2nd child3rd child +
> £100k£7,000.00£4,900.00£2,800.00
< £19k£2,450.00£1,715.00£980.00

Annual Fee for Phase 2 - Full-Time

Household Income1st child2nd child3rd child +
> £100k£9,700.00£6,790.00£3,880.00
< £19k£3,395.00£2,376.50£1,358.00