A school of trust

The Sudbury philosophy is a completely different way of approaching the question of what education is.  For the most part our culture equates education with schooling. We think of not what a child learns but what they are taught and education is something that is done to them rather than something that happens within them.  Sudbury schools turn this idea on its head.

We believe children are born innately curious with an insatiable desire to learn and to equip themselves with the skills they need to lead a successful life.   Our school will provide students with a safe and supportive environment to explore life for themselves.

Our school will be founded upon the fundamental ideas of choice, trust and equality.  Life as an adult is one of choices and children need time and space to practice making real choices in a safe and supportive environment.  Not superficial or artificial choices, not choices from a limited pre-selected array of things but real choices that have real meaning for their lives and real consequences.  We trust in children’s ability to make responsible choices and we trust in their ability to decide what is right for them.  We treat children as equals because although they are younger and lack experience they are no less a person than an adult, they have the same human rights to respect, privacy and self-determination that an adult has and uniquely we also hold our children equally accountable for the choices they make.